This Years Mazes

Midway Of Terror

No longer do you stand waiting in line, now you have a whole Midway of Terror to entertain you even before entering the two attractions. This year, the experience will be a whole detailed pre-show that gets the mood or was it blood flowing, even before you go facing the dark passageways of horrors. See the Freaks and Creatures that have never been seen before, special nightly shows that are different happenings each night, The Midway of Terror is a dark and intense experience which is better than most haunted attractions you will have ever experienced before!

Featuring Dead Time Dream's very own Patches, Trembles, Spyder, Shelly, Mumbles, and Special guests!


Seven Deadly Sins

Not yours but rather “ours” which are far worse than you imaginations can fathom. Each one of the sins becomes based on your true terrors, nightmares, and darkest horrors. The seven deadly sins listed in history are pride, envy, gluttony, greed, lust, sloth, and wrath but these twisted paths of horror will take you far from your own sanity. We built a special kind of hell that is designed to assail your own secret fears, to separate you from your mental foundation and take you into the path of sheer evil. As you attempt to make it through please be on notice that you are the prey here.

Demon House

An old and evil structure is a direct gateway into hell….to this day after many years of strange sightings, disappearances by thrill seekers. This dark place continues to baffle all investigations. Even attempts where groups of priests performed exorcisms all disappeared but not before their soulless screams could be heard fading off down into the darkness. So now you come to try your luck or meet the final destination. Here the myths and legend have taken on a core evil that none have survived and lived to tell their tale. Even some of the biggest skeptics in the region were made into believers. 

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